Solutions in Industrial Liquid Heating & Evaporation

"Necessity drives innovation and with successful innovation brings reliability, sustainability and increased efficiency. This is the core philosophy of Inproheat's patented Submerged Combustion (SubCom) technology.

Submerged Combustion is a method of heating or evaporating slurries or liquids with efficiencies approaching 100%. Submerged Combustion is the process whereby the  products of combustion are forced through the solution. This differs from conventional methods, such as immersion tube or gas–to-liquid heaters, in which the products of combustion do not contact the solution. With submerged combustion the heat transfer occurs directly between the products of combustion and the solution. This means there are no heat transfer surfaces to foul, and the flame does not come in contact with the solution.

SubCom technologies were developed to handle clean, dirty, and corrosive fluid heating and evaporative processes. SubCom is suitable for unattended operation in remote locations and does not require a certified operator. These systems offer a cost-effective alternative to boiler/heat exchanger systems and direct steam injection. Many industries are moving to submerged combustion technology to replace their existing liquid heating or evaporation systems.

SubCom delivers greatly reduced operational costs, compliance with stringent emissions regulations, and short payback periods.

Inproheat has been offering SubCom solutions internationally for almost 45 years. We look forward to sharing our project knowledge, experience and internationally-recognized service with you."



Steve Panz, President of Inproheat Industries