On May 25th, Inproheat Industries was pleased to host an open house event at the Maple Ridge headquarters of Dennerik Engineering, one of Inproheat’s trusted manufacturers.

Representatives from over 30 companies were in attendance to learn more about Inproheat’s Submerged Combustion technology. Furthermore, they got to see a fully-assembled, Canadian-made, high-energy efficiency technology system prior to its export.

To start, Steve Panz – President of Inproheat Industries – offered opening remarks that included a brief history of the company’s SubCom® applications, the current technological advances of SubCom® with respect to environmental benefits and efficiency, and a few remarks about the system on display at the open house.


Steve Panz was also joined by Wes Young, Inproheat’s Chief Engineer, who spoke about the technical details of the system and its equal application to industrial and municipal waste water management.

The system in question was representative of Inproheat’s submerged combustion technology SubCom® that delivers the lowest possible greenhouse gas (GHG) and CO2 emissions for heating process liquids with fossil fuels.


Some of the companies and organizations represented at this event included:

  • ADI Solutions
  • AH Lundberg
  • Allnorth
  • Ampco Manufacturers Inc
  • Balanced Power Engineering
  • BC Gas Safety Branch
  • Centurion Electrical
  • CGIS
  • Clayburn
  • CWA Engineers
  • CWCT
  • Deloitte
  • Delpro
  • EB Horsman
  • EDC
  • Kay-Son
  • Kerr Wood Leidal
  • Klohn Crippen Berger
  • MacKay CEO Forums
  • Maxon/Honeywell
  • Met-Solve
  • MLA Ralph Sultan
  • Provecturs
  • Sacre-Davey Engineering
  • Safety Authority
  • SGS Canada Inc
  • Smith Cameron
  • Westburne


To sum up, it was an excellent chance for Inproheat to share the latest developments about its proprietary SubCom® technology while also providing an introduction to its primary benefits to a key audience of influential industry leaders.

On behalf of Inproheat Industries, we’d like to thank everyone who joined us at this open house event and who shares our enthusiasm for the continued excellence and innovation of our SubCom® technology division. Finally, we would also like to thank all of our supporting companies who helped to make this project a success.

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