Homestake Canada Inc. Nickel Plate Mine Project

Location:  Penticton, British Columbia
Year Completed: 1996
Deliverables: 4MMBTU/hr pond heating system

Project Overview

In late 1996, Inproheat supplied a 4 MM BTU/hr pond water heating system for Homestake Canada (now known as Barrick Gold) Nickel Plate Mine. This old gold mine is located on top of a mountain approximately 45 minutes by car from Penticton, BC.

Nickel Plate mine was exhausted in 1996 and is currently undergoing the reclamation process, which may take up to 5 years to complete. Part of the process involves the elimination of existing large process water ponds and deep wells.

Water in these ponds contains various minerals and chemicals used in the past for gold extraction. Before water is discharged to the local river it has to be chemically treated and cleaned. A new treatment plant was built to facilitate this process.