Sea Water Heating for LNG Vaporization (Company Confidential)

Location: Europe
Year Completed: 2013
Deliverables: LNG Vaporizer Unit

Project Overview

Recent demand for cleaner burning fuels driven by emission standards has dramatically accelerated the growth of the liquefied natural gas industry.

In Europe, a re-gasification facility takes highly transportable LNG and converts it into consumable natural gas. Using the heat from water drawn from the North Sea, the facility converts LNG into NG using open rack vaporizers. However, the North Sea typically has cooler water in winter months which reduces the seawater temperature such that it is insufficient to supply the required amount of heat for the open rack vaporization process.

In order to keep the facility in production year-round the North Sea feed stock needed to be heated. Based on proven experience of heating corrosive solutions and 96% higher heating value (HHV) efficiency, a Subcom® heating solution manufactured by Inproheat Industries was the logical choice for this project.