Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Brine

Location:  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Year Completed: 1990
Deliverables: 10 burner 13MMBTU/hr heating system

Project Overview

The Potash Company of Saskatchewan switched to solution mining in the late 1980's as a result of being unable to contain or de-water their flooded mining operation. In the early stages of solution mining they were able to maintain a reasonable potash extraction rate until they started to exhaust the heat sink in the earth surrounding the mine. In essence the heated barren solution had to be pumped down through the mine and returned pregnant to the surface. The pregnant potash solution would precipitate in the surface lakes when exposed to subzero temperatures during the winter months. In order to save the mine, a novel form of brine solution heating had to be considered, and SubCom™ solution heating was piloted and proven as the most suitable application.